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The algorithm for generating feedback signals for information-measuring system control active vibration protection REU


Lysenko Aleksey Vladimirovich postgraduate student, sub-department of radio equipment design and production, Penza State University
Tankov Georgiy Vasilievich candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of radio equipment design and production, Penza State University 
Sharkunova Tat'yana Alekseevna senior lecturer, sub-department of high and applied mathematics, Penza State University 

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Methods of reducing vibration loads on the electronic unit (REU) with the use of active vibration protection systems. Selected the most relevant of them, on the basis of which the structure of the algorithm for generating feedback signals for information-measurin system (IMS) control active vibrogasheniya REU. It is proposed to implement the algorithm on the basis of the ATmega128 microcontroller, for which a theoretical analysis of its computational power. Experimental studies of the performance of the proposed algorithm in conjunction with a microcontroller ATmega128, which confirmed the possibility of their application for the protection of the RG from external vibration exposure at frequencies up to 10 kHz.

Key words

algorithm, vibration, control, active system, the protection electronic device.

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